With tax season under way…

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image of text billing accessibility and client satisfactionDoctors like you are asking themselves: what do I need to do in the next year to more effectively manage my practice’s cycle of revenue? Often, physicians or practice managers of thriving, independent practices will resort to slashing budgets, limiting hours of operation, and placing mandatory caps on the salaries of their support staff. While these measures can certainly be effective in maintaining fiscal responsibility, they do not reflect effective revenue cycle management. In fact, they often limit the potential growth factor that provider accessibility and office morale can deliver.

The best advice is simple: outsource your billing with Billing Geek.

Most of us view the term ‘outsource’ with apprehension, imaging scores of a trained workforce replaced by unskilled laborers by ruthless companies anxious to reduce staffing costs. Outbound medical billing, however, relies on moving the workload to a professional biller, like Billing Geek in Rohnert Park, whose expertise:

  • reduces costs
  • increases revenue
  • strengthens patient satisfaction

In lieu of annual salaries and benefits, outside medical billers negotiate a flat fee based on securing payment for the claims they submit in Northern California . As a result, they have a vested interest in maintaining an updated comprehension of HIPAA, insurance benefits verification, billing regulations and coding—such as with ICD-10—in order to submit accurate claims in a timely fashion. Such a workflow means fewer mistakes being made, saving a practice from sinking countless resources into appealing rejected and denied claims.

Put another way….

Outsourcing with Billing Geek is the best to maximize the value for any small practice as it prioritizes the provider’s bottom line, as well as patient satisfaction. Over 50 percent of patients are confused by their bills, according to TransUnion’s Healthcare Report. Amidst the ongoing crisis of surprise medical billing,

chairAn outsourced, dedicated biller, like Billing Geek is in the unique position of being able to help a patient understand exactly what they owe, and why. This is why medical offices that use outbound billing services like Billing Geek report a higher level of satisfaction among their patients in Northern California. Ultimately, increased claims resolution also means that you, as the provider, have the freedom to focus on what really matters in your practice: attending to your patients, while Billing Geek address’s the paperwork.

Are you ready to explore outsourcing your medical billing? See how Billing Geek can make your practice more efficient and deliver better care to your patients.

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